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Item ID BSB0001
Carat 4.42 Ct(s)
Shape Oval
Cutting Mixed
Dimension (WxLxD) 7x9 mm
Origin Chantaburi

Sapphire (which probably referred instead at the time to lapis lazuli) is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide (α-Al2O3). Trace amounts of other elements such as iron,titaniumchromiumcopper, or magnesium can give corundum blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange, or a greenish color. Chromium impurities in corundum yield a red tint, and the resultant gemstone is called a ruby.

Fingerprint inclusions are formed when sapphires re-crystallize to partially heal a fracture zone. Fingerprints are usually made by fluid or biphase tiny inclusions, sometimes partially fluid filled channels, the color apparence of the fluid is always colorless. Fingerprints can be found in natural gemstones and sometimes determined as an identical inclusion for natural Sapphire and Ruby.

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