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Item ID YSA0003
Carat 4.11 Ct(s)
Shape Oval
Cutting Mixed
Dimension (WxLxD) 7.4x10x6.3 mm

บุษราคัม-Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire though flexible in its effects needs to necessarily be worn only on the right hand index finger. It is known to provide the wearer with enormous wealth, good health, fame, name, honor and success. Yellow Sapphire represents the planet Jupiter. And Jupiter is known to be the largest planet that has its comparison with Saturn. Because of the magnanimity of its size, Jupiter belongs to the category of excesses. It is also known to empower one with the capacity of single handedly being the master of the one's desires. It is also said that if you seek to sort all marital problems, then Yellow Sapphire is the solution for you. The Power of this gem is such that the girl that you desire will be yours forever and if a girl will wear this gem then she will get married early.

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