About us

Thailand is famous for its friendly locals, unique Thai smile, beautiful tourist attractions, and Thai food. Also, Thailand is well known for its agricultural products, its handicrafts, and most importantly, its reputation as the world’s primary source of gemstones and their production. The country’s renowned gem mines are located in Chanthaburi and Kanchanaburi, where high-quality gemstones are mined and processed into fine jewelry. Moreover, the world’s notable heating process is originated in Thailand, where a large number of highly experienced jewelers live and work to produce the final masterpiece. Each year, jewelry industry undoubtedly generates billions of dollars for the country.

Given our expertise with more than 40 years experience in jewelry business and our advantage of being located in the center of jewelry trade and production, we have access to a great variety of high-quality resources, allowing us to secure the best gemstones in the world.

All items on the website have undergone thorough screening and quality-checking processes by professional and experienced gemologists. Therefore, you can rest assure that each item is fairly priced and worthy of its value. In the future, we truly hope to become a leading online jewelry store that sells high-quality fine jewelry to our beloved customers around the world.